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Ciaran Power

What is your connection to cycling in Ireland?

I'm an A2 rider in training for the Ras

What was your first club?

First club Comeragh C.C. at the age of 11

What is your current club?†

Current club Comeragh C.C.

What was your favourite moment from the 2013 domestic road season?†

Favourite moment of the domestic scene as I didn't race would have to be seeing Michael Fitzgerald come back for the Ras. Plus having all the international riders race nationals

Who is your favourite Irish rider and why?

Nicolas Roche and Dan Martin. Two class acts that are doing a lot for cycling in Ireland with there results and helping some great charities. But all the international riders should get a mention as it's a hard life

Who is your favourite non-Irish international rider? †

Sagan he can do it all. Sprint climb and wheelies

Who do you tip for success in the future?†

For the future I think Sam Bennett can be a big star if he stays injury free. Then hopefully the Nicolas Roche development team produce some new talent.

Favourite race of the Irish racing calendar and why?

The Ras is my favourite Irish race. It's great to win and for young riders to get a taste of how hard cycling can be.

Favourite race of the international racing calendar and why?†

Internationally my favourite race would bePhiladelphia. Itís an amazing race with crazy fans and tactically between the teams itís very interesting.

What was the most memorable race you rode in and why?

My most memorable race/ride I have two. The first time I won theRas. It's a race I dreamt about since I started cycling at 11. Plus we had a great party afterwards. The second would be finishing 13th at the Athens Olympics. For one day I was as good if not better than most of the best riders in the world in a time when doping was anepidemic. It's still the best placing by an Irish road cyclist at an Olympics.

What is your current bike?†

My current bike is a planet X. Thanks to the kind support of planet x Ireland†

What is your dream bike?

My dream bike would be the new race bike I'll be getting from planet x or†

The race Bianchi with Campag electric groupset fromkinetixproducts.comwith the Garmin 510 supplied bygiant-cork.ie†

What would you like to see improved, added or returned to cycling in Ireland?

I think maybe underage cycling could be helped if cycling Ireland itself organised some closed circuit racing for kids, like Mondello for example. We have a great youth academy here at Comeragh C.C. developed by my sister Sinead but unless we have something good to aim for with the kids they might be lost.

Do you have any other hobbies apart from cycling?†† †

Other hobbies include driving dads taxi to all the various sports our kids do on aSaturday. Long walks with the dogs and playing with the kids

What's the best advice you can give to anyone involved with cycling?

The best advice I could give is to listen. You don't know it all.

Also there is a difference between feeling tired and feeling lazy. Don't fool yourself, you only get out what you put in. After that enjoy it. After all thatís why we all started

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